In 2016, European Interdisciplinary Forum is organized on General Theme “Innovations, Smart Growth and Sustainability” and 4 tracks:

  • Track A: Challenges for Networked Society 
  • Track B: Economic Competitiveness and Global Sustainability
  • Track C: Business and Management Success Factors
  • Track D: Challenges for Education and Labour Market

The working language of the EIF 2016 is English.
EIF 2016 web page:

The journal is available at Medimond Editografica's website

Moreover we would like to remind that you are welcome to participate at the 4th European Interdisciplinary Forum 2016 (EIF 2016): Drivers for Progress in the Global Society will be held on 5-6th May, 2016, in Klaipėda, Lithuania. For more information please visit our website

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