Our annual international scientific conference - European Interdisciplinary Forum - is organized over an electronic conferencing platform at forum.avada.lt. The conference aims to bring together researchers, business and NGO professionals, and professors with their students for exchange of ideas, insights and latest research in the following fields: Management Science; Communication and Media Studies; Economics; Public Administration; Humanities; Health Sciences; Culture Studies; Education; Psychology and Behavioral Sciences; and Law and Legal Studies.

In 2015, European Interdisciplinary Forum is organized on General Theme “Employment, Innovations, Education, Social inclusion and Climate/Energy” and 5 streams:

  • Stream A: New Technologies and Social Media for Business, Public administration, and NGOs
  • Stream B: Challenges for Networked Society
  • Stream C: Economic Competitiveness and Global Sustainability
  • Stream D: Business and Management Success Factors
  • Stream E: Humanities for societal development

Web site of European Interdisciplinary Forum 2015 here




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